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We have a busy season ahead of us, packed with new classes and events. Please browse through our latest newsletter for more information on what's coming up soon.
Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.
Visionary Workshop
Manifesting your Dreams
Sunday 28th January

This workshop will be led by Sifu Jane Ward, who has managed to create much of her life, by having clarity and vision. Even when financially or otherwise limited, by holding her vision in her heart, and keeping faith, far fetched dreams become her reality.
We start with a guided meditation to help clear our mind, balance and re-connect to our inner being, or higher self.
You will learn
  • how we can use our mind to create our future, what do we really want?
  • Exploring everything as possible, without your current limited reality. 
We will then create our vision boards, which fun to make, creative and a tool for your focus. 

All vision boards once completed will receive a special Blessing from Sifu Jane, for you to take home.

Sunday 28th January, cost £30, includes all materials and refreshments. Please reserve your place.

Monthly Sangha Day

Saturday, 3rd February 2018

A great get away day, Meditation, simple mindful breathing techniques, healing, 2 1/2 mile walk through the local woodland, a simple vegetarian lunch, tea breaks, bring a friend or come alone. Children welcome, 8 years and upwards. A really heart warming and friendly day, great for families. Please bring suitable walking wear. 

Adults £36.00  Children £10.00, call or email us to book.
Mind, Body, Spirit Event
Writtle Villiage Hall

Candle Light Sit
Wednesday 21st February 2018

Come along and sit with us in our Empowered Temple space, just sitting you will often have a incredible experience. The silent sit, is for any level of experience, we will sit twice for 1 hour silence, and the Temple lit by candle lights only. 

Come, enjoy and immerse yourself in this vibrant healing sacred space. There will be a tea, biscuit break and friendly mingle with like minded souls. Seating is either chairs or yoga cushions. 

£12.00 per person, reserve your place please.

Meditation & Relaxation
every Thursday.

Mindful breathing exercises, visualisations, and to finish a mindful body scan. This class is suitable for all levels. Learn simple technique's that bring many health benefits, ease worry, anxiety and stress. A restful nights sleep will be almost guaranteed.

7.30pm-9.00pm, includes a tea & biscuit, mingle break. 
£10.00 per person

Please note this class starts on Thursday, 15th Feb, and every Thursday thereafter.

Curry & Meditation Night   
Friday 23rd February 
£20.00 per person

Join us for a delicious home cooked 3 course meal. We start with a 30 minute meditation in the Temple. Bring your own wine. 

Corkage £2.50 per bottle. 
You need to book your places.
4 Week Meditation Course

Tuesday 6th March 7.30pm-9.00pm Brentwood

A insightful, educational, and healing course.

You will learn
  • Who was the Buddha, and what did he teach
  • 3 styles of meditation, mindful breathing, Esoteric Mantra, Mudra and Visualisation, Loving Kindness
  • Topics, karma, cause & effect, free will.

These are universal teachings, suitable for all beliefs or understandings, open Mind is necessary. 


If your stuck in life, suffer anxieties, need to understand yourself better, want to learn to meditate effectively. Heal your life, overcome self-limitation, want to achieve higher levels of self-realisation and fulfil your potential? Then this course will give you some tools, shift and the support you need. 


The course is one lesson every week for 4 weeks, only 26 places available. 


A great opportunity to make change in your life, take control of your mental and emotional health.


Course fee is £108.00, concessions available.

Other courses coming up, Leigh on Sea, Harwich & Dovercourt, and Harlow.
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